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We Exist To Ignite Change.

The Impactful Kind.

The Rebellion, like numerous new impact-focused organizations, originated from a blend of hope, frustration, and a fervent drive to influence positive change. The mix of backgrounds and expertises that our founding members bring, create a unique perspective on what is necessary to create impactful change within organizations. Through our experiences we strive to ignite individuals reach their maximum human potential. One experience at a time. 


Let's enable more impactful leaders together.

Meet our Founders. 

A Mexican, a Norwegian, and a Kiwi walk into amazing adventure.

& Why It Matters

At The Rebellion, we define Impact as the measurable and meaningful effect or influence that a particular action, event, or phenomenon has on individuals, communities, societies, or the environment. With this definition in mind, we consider Impactful Leaders as those who can inspire and guide others to achieve meaningful and positive outcomes.


An Impactful Leader is someone who leaves a lasting and positive legacy by creating opportunities, empowering others, and making a significant difference in the world. At The Rebellion, we refer to these individuals as "Rebels".

In The News

Interview with Entrepreneur's Organization

Dive into William's extraordinary mindset in an exclusive interview with Entrepreneurs'​ Organization's Dave Will. With his innate curiosity and skillful questioning, Dave delves into the making of one of a kind, what it takes, and how to persevere under pressure, offering a conversation rich with insights about our own potential that every leader can learn from.

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Why Impactful Leadership?

Reaching your leadership potential is imperative in today's world. For businesses to thrive over the long term, they must focus not only on financial success but also on fostering the comprehensive development of their teams, the protection of the environment, the communities they serve, and their impact on other stakeholders.

We hold the conviction that the impactful leaders of tomorrow are those who constantly pursue their leadership potential, ensuring that individual growth and business achievement operate in tandem.

At The Rebellion, we represent a movement of forward-thinkers who refuse to accept traditional leadership. We're dedicated to supporting and enabling those who align with our vision of unleashing leadership potential and effecting substantial, positive change around them.

The time for impactful leadership is now. Join the Rebellion.

Become a Rebel.

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