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Jordi Mullor

CEO & Co-Founder

Jordi's roots trace back to Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, where his upbringing was steeped in a rich cultural tapestry and a spirit of resilience inherited from his family. His journey to the U.S. began with a tennis scholarship, an extension of his active childhood and enduring passion for sports. The pursuit of higher education led him to Bentley, where he undertook an MBA and MSF amidst the challenging backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis.

An entrepreneurial foray took him further afield to Ghana and Burkina Faso, where he navigated the complexities of an agricultural consulting project, an experience that, despite its challenges, provided invaluable lessons that shaped his future endeavors.

Jordi Mullor

My name is Alexa Young

“The impact that our experiences can have on our attendees will determine our legacy. We take that fact with huge responsibility and strive to always create moments that will change their lives. It's an honor to have the opportunity to be impactful.”

In Boston's professional landscape, Jordi emerged as a transformative figure in wealth management. Entrusted with revamping operations, technology, and marketing, his efforts culminated in an executive role achieved before his 30th birthday. A philosophy of creating impactful value became the cornerstone of his career, propelling innovations that challenged the rigid confines of the finance industry. This experience honed his skills and illuminated the profound impacts individuals can wield within their communities and the broader environment.

Jordi's expertise has since evolved, leading him to a consulting role where he leverages his experiences to guide financial firms. Specializing in strategic growth, including impactful leadership, he emphasizes real-world application and results, a testament to his belief in the transformative power of practical implementation. His work, defined by a commitment to sustainability and progress, is a nod to his multifaceted journey, proving him an indispensable ally in nurturing firm growth and driving industry change.

Outside the professional sphere, Jordi is an impassioned advocate for social justice, environmental conservation, and grassroots activism. Travel remains a source of joy and inspiration, fueling his commitment to fostering change and building communities wherever he goes. Now based in Boston alongside his partner Amanda and their dog Charlie, his life is a blend of personal fulfillment and continuous aspiration, seen in his enduring love for tennis and a newfound climbing hobby—with sights set on El Capitan.

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