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Discover your best YOU with a TIE.




What is a TIE?

We have designed multi-day leadership retreats that are transformational for the attendees. We call them Transformative Immersive Experiences (TIEs). Experiencing a TIE is The Rebellion's way to spark and enable impactful lasting change back home, wherever home is for you. You will join business and community leaders wanting to become more impactful in their organizations. Becoming part of The Rebellion comes with a responsibility, and attending a TIE will provide you with the right framework, support, and community needed to succeed in your own Impact Journey.  

 The cost of a TIE also includes your 1 year full access

Attending a TIE also includes one-year access to everything The Rebellion offers. We believe that becoming part of The Rebellion community can only be achieved by experiencing it together, but real change happens after that experience. That's why The Rebellion offers quarterly follow-up events, private coaching, direct access to facilitators, and the power of the community that meets online once a quarter, along with other exclusive perks of joining The Rebellion.

What to expect during a TIE? 

Can anyone attend a Rebellion TIE?

The programming varies per location, but in all The Rebellion's TIEs you will be challenged mentally, emotionally, and physically. We encourage you to chat with one of our Rebel leaders and learn if we are a fit for you. No pressure or commitments.


You can view The Rebellion Experiences Framework here

The answer is no. While we value and strive to create experiences that embrace inclusivity and diversity, every person must apply to attend and get accepted. The Rebellion's ultimate legacy is our members and clients and we strive to create a community of decision-making leaders that align with our values. 

Our Next Experience

"OPPRØR" - Lofoten Islands

May - October 2024/2025

The remote Norwegian archipelago of Lofoten hosts "Opprør", a unique Arctic experience available during the months of May, June, September, and October 2024 and 2025. The Lofoten Islands, which include towns such as Reine (once voted the most beautiful place on Earth), is the perfect location to explore and learn amongst peers. You can't be more connected to Earth than in Lofoten! . Limited availability.

If you or your team are interested in attending Opprør reach out to us at

Upcoming TIEs

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