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We Exist to Ignite Change. 

The Impactful Kind.

The Rebellion emerged as a result of the conviction held by a group of individuals that leaders, in all kinds of organizations, ought to be prudent and attentive to the far-reaching ramifications of their decisions beyond the confines of their businesses. By creating a framework to guide other leaders through their own Impact Journey, the Rebellion strives to influence and support those who take a step towards a more conscious way to operate their business and ultimately, live their lives.

We call them Rebels.  

 The Rebellion's Impact Journey 

The Rebellion Impact Journey is all about becoming a more conscientious member of your business ecosystem. It's like a road map that guides you, as a community leader, through stages to align your personal and professional values with the community you serve, the environment, and the people you interact. We use the four elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, as a symbol of the connectivity The Rebellion strives to embrace. The Rebellion’s Impact Journey has four main pillars to help you figure out your impact purpose, set a clear direction, and take action towards your impact goals.

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 Want to Join The Rebellion? 

Start by attending an Experience

Attending a Transformative Immersive Experience (TIE) with The Rebellion is the best way to start your Impact Journey. Check out our upcoming TIE and apply to attend. 


YUMA - A Freediving Leadership Experience

Dean's Blue Hole, Clarence Town, The Bahamas

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