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Siri Østvold


Siri's background in high-achieving environments, including business, design, branding, innovation, and entrepreneurship, has led her to find her unique way of achieving balance and joy in life.

With breath, writing, and nature as some of her most powerful pillars for performance, health, and transformation, she mentors and teaches individuals and groups about the power of these tools to envision and become their best selves. Her work ranges from assisting business owners, leaders, and athletes to supporting individuals seeking a holistic approach to a healthy body and mind, empowering them to create change in their lives.

Siri has 18 years of experience in branding, design, strategy, and innovation processes. She has worked with global companies and brands across various industries, as well as with start-ups.

Siri Østvold

My name is Alexa Young

“To be able to change business and systems, I believe we need to start with ourselves. I see the need of connecting people to their own body, to their surroundings, to their community and with nature to be able to - not only perform in life and business - but to create a new restorative and regenerative world."

Being an explorer at heart has led her to sail across the North Pacific Ocean, through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on a scientific expedition to investigate micro plastics and toxins in our ocean, and how it affects our ecosystem and health.

As a free-diver she has won several national championships and records, and has done underwater stunts for productions. She is also a breath-work instructor. She has an appreciation for engaging storytelling, and is a motivational speaker, see her TedX talk here.

Siri served as the CEO and co-founder of Ærli, focusing on sustainability and curating business trips to some of Norway’s finest destinations. She has also functioned as a Business Architect, creating new opportunities with sustainability at their core. Her experience extends to her role as a Senior Designer and brand specialist in a digital technology-driven studio, and she was a founder and partner in an award-winning design company.

Additionally, as the Art Director for the high-end outdoor brand Norrøna, she assisted in repositioning the brand in existing markets and fostering growth in new ones. Siri has contributed to academia as a guest tutor at the Oslo National Academy of Arts and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and has engaged with the design community through board positions and jury work.

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