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The Collaborative Rebellion Experiences

Designed to be transformational.

The Rebellion Experiences and The Collaborative, a premier coaching and professional development organization, bring a unique approach to strategic leadership retreats in the financial industry. We focus on creating multi-day transformative experiences, hosted in nature, for financial professionals.

Our goal is simple. To enable teams to truly explore their capabilities, expand their comfort zone, and strengthen their ability to adapt while incorporating the nuances and challenges that only the financial industry faces. 

With financial professionals in mind. 

The natural next level for financial professionals' growth. 

The Collaborative Experience Logo
The Collaborative Experience

The Collaborative award-winning professional development programs and industry-wide recognized coaching, paired with The Rebellion's nature immersive leadership experiences, enable attendees to expand their potential while truly absorbing lessons that will last a lifetime. 

Our approach. Simplicity.

Immersive Experiences + Impact Sessions = Impactful Change

Leaders can undergo "regular" training or coaching, but unless they truly challenge themselves and their teams to push through perceived limitations, they are likely to remain stuck, or worst, limit their potential. We have seen it hundreds of times.

We believe that when financial professionals experience an activity that pushes them to evaluate their comfort zone and capabilities as a team, an immediate window of opportunity for growth arises. We capitalize on that window through our impact sessions facilitated by The Collaborative.

Learn more about The Collaborative's approach to financial professional's coaching. 

Immediate impact on your team.

A few days fully immersed in one of our experiences will always beat a half day at the office every three months. Always.


Trading the conference rooms for the outdoors. 

Off-sites are more impactful outside.

A key part of The Collaborative Rebellion Experiences lies in hosting them in nature. Being surrounded by an unfamiliar environment sets the tone for the activities and sessions that your team will experience. Collaborating in this ecosystem provides an opportunity to have a deeper impact and become the best financial professionals they can be. 

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"Leaders are not born but rather developed by learning more about themselves and about how to recognize the strengths of those around them."

Beverly Flaxington, Founder of The Collaborative

Bestselling & Gold-Award Winning Author, College Professor, Speaker, Trainer, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Behavioral Expert

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"We believe is important for  teams to learn from each other, grow with one another, and challenge themselves in an environment that demands you to be fully present. We hope this collaboration brings a new way to develop as a financial professional, in nature." 

Jordi Mullor, CEO & Co-Founder of The Rebellion Experiences

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What to expect from an experience?

Every experience is tailored to the specific outcome that your team is looking for. With The Collaborative vast experience in financial industry coaching and The Rebellion's three focal retreat themes, we balance the ideal mix of immersive activities in nature with impact sessions that focus on your organizational goals. That being said, all experiences consists of one to two immersive activities per day, alongside one impact session. 

Want to learn more about what a retreat itinerary looks like? Check out this sample itinerary below or book a time to chat with one of our founders. We can produce an experience from concept to hosting in less than 45 days. 

Three ways to enable lasting change. 

The Rebellion Experiences marquee themes are designed to be catalyst for lasting change for all attendees. The formula is simple. Create an environment where attendees are instantly challenged so their perspective of possibilities expands becoming their new reality. Reach out to learn more about what type of activities can be included in each theme.

Nature comes in Seasons.

So do our Experiences.

From Winter in Yellowstone to Fall in New England, to Spring in Yosemite, your team has more than 15 locations across all four seasons to choose from. Having the right activities for the desired outcome is crucial. Your experience is 100% customizable to your needs, expectations, and budget.

We encourage you to reach out and ask us about the available locations for every season. 

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"To be able to change business and systems, I believe we need to start with ourselves. I see the need of connecting people to their own body, to their surroundings, to their community and with nature to be able to - not only perform in life and business - but to create a new restorative and regenerative world."

Siri Ostvold

The Rebellion Co - Founder

Lets chat or apply today!

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