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Registration Policies

Welcome to The Rebellion Experiences! We are excited to have you participate in an upcoming TIE (Transformative Immersive Experience) or a Rebellion Experience. Before registering, please read our registration policy carefully as it contains important information regarding your participation in the event. By registering for our TIEs or a Rebellion Experience, you acknowledge that your registration is subject to approval by The Rebellion Experiences, and that once approved, no refunds are granted without meeting our Cancellation and Refund Policy. You also acknowledge that you have read and agree to comply with The Rebellion Experiences' registration policy, including the intellectual property protection and privacy clauses. 

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General Policies

Registration Requirements

To participate in a TIE or a Rebellion Experience, you must register and provide accurate and complete information about yourself. Your registration will be subject to approval by The Rebellion Experiences, and we reserve the right to reject any registration at our discretion.

Fees and Payment

You are required to pay in full the fee to participate in the TIE or the Rebellion Experience you are registered for 30 days prior to the start day of the experience . Fees are agreed at the time of registration. If the TIE or the Rebellion Experience requires a deposit, the deadlines for the deposit must be met or your registration will be automatically rejected. If your registration is not approved, your fee will be refunded in full. Once your registration is approved, there will be no refunds unless specified in our Cancellation and Refund Policy. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In the event of cancellation by The Rebellion Experiences, we will refund any fees paid by participants in accordance with our refund policy, which is available on our website.

Code of Conduct

Participants must adhere to our code of conduct during the TIE or any Rebellion Experience. The code of conduct prohibits any behavior that is discriminatory, harassing, or disruptive to other participants. We reserve the right to remove any participant who violates our code of conduct without refund. You can read The Rebellion's Code of Conduct here.

Photography and Videography

By participating in our TIEs or a Rebellion Experience, you agree that we may photograph or record you and use the photographs or recordings for promotional and marketing purposes.

Intellectual Property Protection

The details and experiences of our TIEs and the Rebellion Experiences are protected intellectual property of The Rebellion Impact Group and the Rebellion Experiences. By participating in a TIE or a Rebellion Experience, you agree not to share, distribute or reproduce any information or material about the TIE or the Rebellion Experience without the explicit consent of The Rebellion Experiences.


The privacy of other attendees is of utmost importance to us. By participating in our TIE or a Rebellion Experience, you agree to respect the privacy of other attendees and not to share their personal information or photographs without their consent.

Limitation of Liability

We are not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur to during the experience. You participate in the activities and experiences at your own risk and assume all responsibility for any loss or damage to your property.


You agree to indemnify and hold The Rebellion Experiences harmless from any claims, damages, or expenses arising out of your participation in the experience.

Governing Law

This registration policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the TIE or the Rebellion Experience is held. You also agree to understand and follow the laws of the governing jurisdiction in which the TIE or the Rebellion Experience is held. The Rebellion Experiences is not responsible for any wrongdoing that a registered attendee might do outside any Rebellion Experience sanctioned activity during the time of a TIE or a Rebellion Experience

Cancellation/Postpone Policy

Due to the nature of these experiences, in some unforeseen circumstances, The Rebellion might make the decision to postpone or cancel a TIE or Rebellion Experience. As an attendee, you agree to our cancellation policy and refund policy. Our goal is for every paid attendee to have options in case of a cancelled or postponed TIE or a Rebellion Experience.

Travel and cancellation insurance

All attendees must obtain travel insurance before arrival to any Rebellion Experience. The attendee is responsible for taking out the necessary insurance. The Rebellion Experiences recommends that everyone considers obtaining a cancellation insurance in case of force majeure cancellations. The Rebellion will suggest options for insurance to all registered attendees.

Minimum Attendance Policy

Every TIE or Rebellion Experience has a minimum required number of attendees. Although, we don't ever want or intend to cancel or postpone a TIE due to low registration, having a minimum attendance is crucial for the experience to meet our standards. The Rebellion confirms the occurrence of every TIE  and Rebellion Experience 30 days before the start of the experience with all paid attendees. We encourage all Rebels attending to plan accordingly. We recommend purchasing travel insurance for those traveling to the experience. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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