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YUMA - A Freediving Leadership Experience

Partner Organization

About the Collaboration

In a unique partnership, The Rebellion joins forces with Vertical Blue, the esteemed free-diving organization led by 18x World Record holder, William Trubridge, to host a once-in-a-lifetime immersive leadership experience for groups looking to expand their potential.

YUMA - A Freediving Leadership Experience

February - November

Dean's Blue Hole, Clarence Town, The Bahamas

Price (USD)

$4,800- $5,400 USD


Set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas—a mecca for world-class divers aiming to shatter records—this exclusive retreat is slated to be a transformative 3 to 5-day experience. William himself will steer participants through the depths of free diving, while The Rebellion introduces its signature leadership training, curating a transformative curriculum for a select group of 8-16 attendees. The essence of this retreat is more profound than just diving; it's about leveraging the act of free-diving as a conduit to stretch one's comfort zone.

Through the intense and introspective nature of the sport, attendees will gain invaluable insights into managing stress and anxiety, while executing under pressure—core competencies every leader should master. No prior free-diving knowledge is required, but a genuine willingness to challenge personal boundaries is imperative for those wishing to embark on this unparalleled journey.

Join us at YUMA with your team and be ready to expand your potential.

Available Dates/Seasons

The YUMA Experience can be held from February to November in 2024 and 2025.


Here's what your group will experience:

  • Nature: A truly once-in-a-liftime experience to learn at one of the most iconic freediving spots in the world.

  • Learning from the best: Few have gotten to learn from the best in the world at their craft. Having William facilitate most of the sessions is a unique opportunity for any group. 

  • Expand Potential: With the activities planned for the retreat, you will redefine what your true potential is.

  • Customization: Not everyone feels comfortable going underwater for extended periods. The level and progression of the group are fully customizable depending on the baseline of the group. 

  • Group Goals: Within our schedule, we have the flexibility to include your group goals if needed. From simply connecting as peers or organization, to expanding your potential, we can incorporate your focus. 

Experience Focus/Goal

Expand Your Potential

Important Experience Info

No. Attendees

Max Nights/Days

8 - 16

4 Nights/5 Days

Rec. Airport


Immersive Activities Possible

Freediving, breathwork, sailing.

Group Application

Ready to apply on your behalf or behalf of your team? Follow the link below or contact us directly. 

Custom Experience Available

Single organization retreats are available for this location through our Collaborative Experiences.


Reach out to us and start the conversation

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Included in Price


  • Access to all content presented in the experience

  • Access to online pre-experience session with William Trubridge.

  • Retreat attendance

  • Access to All sessions

  • Access to platform and community groups.

  • Hotel or Accommodations

  • All outdoor activities and experiences during the retreat

  • Gear and equipment needed for activities

  • Transportation in-country, including transportation from the airport to hotel accommodations and Dean's Blue Hole.

  • All meals during sessions, welcome dinner and closing dinner

Not included

  • Air transportation.

  • Alcoholic drinks unless stated by the programming.

  • Meals outside the programmed sessions.

  • Travel insurance

What's included in the price

The Location