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Redefining Your 100%

Understanding Limits Ignites True Growth


Jordi Mullor

“Let’s give it our 110%!” The idea of giving 110% is a common mantra in both personal development and organizational culture, symbolizing the drive to go above and beyond. While on the surface, this aspiration seems impossible – as we're logically capped at 100% – it metaphorically underscores a deeper truth. Striving for that extra 10% often represents redefining our limits, but it also raises a crucial question: Do we truly understand where our limits lie? Understanding and accepting our limitations, paradoxically, can be the most powerful step in realizing our true potential, the one we have yet to achieve.

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Recognizing Limits: Where Potential Starts

This concept, while seemingly counterintuitive in a world that constantly pushes for boundless growth and unfettered ambition, is crucial not just for individuals but for organizations as well. Knowing your true limit is the one KPI we should all learn to measure.

We live in an era where pushing boundaries is glorified, and rightly so. From seeing Alex Honnold free solo El Cap or Novak Djokovic win yet another Slam, we are getting accustomed to witnessing greatness around us and often forget to think about limits. But there's a subtle nuance often missed. Understanding our limitations isn't about imposing restrictions; it's about recognizing where we are now and where we can be in the future. It’s about where potential truly starts, at our current limit. Organizations and leaders must gauge their current limits to strategically plan for growth, otherwise, they might not be shooting for the moon, but rather their rooftop, the one they are used to seeing from their parking lot on a daily basis.

The Science Behind Underestimating Capabilities

A widely known study by Dr. Carol Dweck on mindset illuminates this concept beautifully. She distinguishes between a 'fixed mindset' and a 'growth mindset,' where the former sees capabilities as static, while the latter views them as expandable. Her research found that individuals with a growth mindset were more likely to push their limits, not by disregarding them, but by understanding and gradually expanding them. This is key; before growing, you have to fully know your limit and push it. The very stereotypical reminder we all know about expanding our comfort zone, but that we rarely do.

For organizations, this principle holds equally true. A company must understand its current capabilities and its comfort zone – be it financial resources, employee skills, or market reach – to grow and operate within expectations. The question becomes, what are the missed opportunities due to the underestimation of its own limits?

The Comfort Zone: A Double-Edged Sword

Being always at a comfortable level – whether in sports, personal life, or business – limits the exploration of full potential. Yet, stepping out without acknowledging current limits can lead to disastrous consequences. No one is advocating for irresponsibility here, but fully conscious decision-making should be based on current real limits, not self-imposed ones.

Ultimately, it’s about finding that sweet spot where challenge and capability intersect. It’s also where the fun lives. After all, aren’t we all here to enjoy what we do and explore our potential?

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Behind the Image

The image chosen for this Chronicle was captured at Maybille Bay near Punakaiki on New Zealand's South Island. I recall taking this shot from the side of the road without thinking much of it, obviously on the less familiar side of the road for me. To me, this visual of waves is a metaphor for realizing potential. It starts with the courage to leave the safety of the shore and confront the first wave. With each subsequent wave, our skills and confidence grow, expanding the boundaries of what we thought possible. Yet, without that initial step into the unknown, our world would remain confined to the familiarity of the beach and you would never learn you can actually surf.

Key Takeaways

Understanding Limits Ignites True Growth: Recognizing our true limits, both in personal development and organizational growth, is essential for strategic planning and achieving sustainable success.

The Fallacy of the Fixed Mindset: Dr. Carol Dweck's research highlights the importance of a growth mindset over a fixed mindset, emphasizing the potential for expanding capabilities through effort and learning.

Balancing Ambition and Realism: Organizations and individuals must balance the drive to exceed expectations with a realistic understanding of their current capabilities and limits.

Finding the Sweet Spot: The intersection of challenge and capability, where one steps out of their comfort zone without overreaching, is where true growth and enjoyment lie.

Rebel's Eye Anchor

Rebel's Eye 

It took her reaching her true limit, to be able to redefine it. Nina William's unreal accomplishment.

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