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Puerto Rico East Post




Empower Your Team, Perform Under Pressure

Puerto Rico East Post

Puerto Rico


Price Range (USD)

$2,800 - $4,000

What to expect

Hosted in the diverse landscapes of Puerto Rico, from its sunlit coasts and dense rainforests to the vibrant communities at its heart, this Rebellion Post experience is designed to challenge and reinvigorate leadership teams. Rooted in the unique merged of both nature and local culture, attendees will engage directly with their surroundings and each other while discovering the positive impact each can have around them and in their organization. Building deep trust on their skills and exploring their true potential are central focus of the retreat.

Puerto Rico East Post will sharpen your team's leadership skills, embrace deeper collaboration, and provide the ideal environment for transformational experiences.


Here's what your team will experience:

  • Nature: Immerse in the stunning landscapes of Mountain and Coastal Puerto Rico, providing the perfect setting for personal and team development.

  • Multi-Team Engagement: Collaborate with three to five other teams, gaining valuable insights from different perspectives and industries.

  • Empowerment Focus: Gain skills and mindset to empower your organization. Learn tactics and tools to unlock your team's potential.

  • Building Trust: Foster deeper trust within your team through experiential activities and discussions that go beyond surface-level interactions or workshops.

  • Accountability: Cultivate a culture of accountability within your leadership team and organization as a whole.

  • Risk Management: Leadership often involves calculated risks. Challenge your team's comfort zone with activities like climbing, free-diving, hiking, and sailing, while helping them become more comfortable making decisions under pressure.

Experience Focus/Goal

Empower Your Team, Perform Under Pressure

Important Experience Info

No. Attendees

12 - 15


3 / 3.5

Rec. Airport


Immersive Activities Possible

Outdoor Climbing, Free-Diving, Surfing, Hiking, Breathwork

Seasons Available

Fall, Spring, Winter

Team Application

Ready to apply on your behalf or behalf of your team? Follow the link below or contact us directly. 

Custom Experience Available

Single organization retreats are available for this location through our Collaborative Experiences.


Reach out to us and start the conversation


  • Retreat attendance

  • Hotel or Accommodations

  • All outdoor activities and experiences during the retreat

  • Gear and equipment needed for activities

  • Transportation within retreat locations.

  • All meals during retreat.

  • Access to prep materials and pre-sessions.

  • Access to Rebellion platform and community groups.

  • Post-experience workshops and gatherings (1 year)

Not included

  • Air transportation.

  • Alcoholic drinks unless stated by the programming.

  • Meals outside the programmed sessions.

  • Travel insurance

What's included in the price

The Location