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The Rebellion Experiences

An experience designed with leadership groups in mind

Created to be transformational.

The Rebellion Experiences has created a two-day immersive experience with leadership groups in mind. Through two days of boundary-pushing physical and mental activities, members and their guests get to explore their true limits while expanding their potential. Not every event has the ability to create an instant moment. We pride ourselves on only hosting transformational events that cause a lasting impact on our attendees. 

 “Smile into the Abyss”, an experience led by 18x World Record Free diver, William Trubridge, will help you reach untapped potential and show you how to perform at your best in moments of fear, stress, and high-stakes consequences.   

Smile into the  Abyss 

Calmness underwater, calmness under pressure. 

"Still coming to deeper and deeper understanding of what actually happened for me through these incredible two days. Not only in myself but a profound acceptance, understanding and love of the the people around me, my team and my family. I've never come close to discovering the edge of my envelope like I did in the container you provided. Funny because not once did I feel "challenged or pushed" (which I usually love) rather I felt an internal calling to discover the edge. I've never experienced anything like this before.
Their work is a precious gift."

Seattle Area CEO & Attendee

No BS. Pure impact. Pure potential.

The Rebellion Experiences

The core of our offering is to be experiential. No slides or presentations can match what feeling, living something can cause on an attendee. We focus on making sure that all attendees have a breakthrough, a moment of change. It's our promise.


Immediate impact on attendees.

To be immediate it needs to be meaningful. 

What to expect from an experience?

First, we will do most of the heavy lifting. Coordinating activities, finding the right locations, and creating marketing assets for you to share with your chapter or community. We know it takes a lot of work and we can help with this. It's what we do!

The experience is hosted in two different locations throughout two days. 

Day 1 - Breath Work & Climbing


The first day of the experience will be hosted at a local climbing gym where we will guide up to 75 members and guests through two different sessions: a breath work/learning session with William Trubridge and a climbing session with The Rebellion team. Through a 3-hour experience, William Trubridge and The Rebellion team will guide attendees through exercises and practical techniques designed to challenge your belief of what you are capable of. 



The session will be broken into 2 sections to allow for personal interaction and feedback. Not many people in the world, get to learn from the deepest human alive on how to better perform when facing fear, stress, and challenging circumstances. 


Putting Into Practice

There is nothing like putting into practice and truly absorbing what we all learned. With the help from the coaching staff at the climbing gym, we will get to hit the climbing walls and face our fears, challenge our limits, and have an opportunity to expand our comfort zone. Even for experienced climbers, this will be an opportunity to push beyond what you thought possible.  

Day 2 - Pool Immersion


The second day is all about pushing your own limits in an environment that is not familiar to most.



William will lead a breathwork session to prepare for the pool immersion using techniques learned through more than two decades of record-breaking free diving.

Putting Into Practice

In a unique setting, William will lead all attendees through a pool immersion underwater. Attendees will be paired with one another and be able to practice and expand their limits through deep breath holds. This will be a fear-shattering and potential-expanding moment that most folks will remember for a long time. Staying calm in the face of uncertainty and extreme stress, while managing risk in a controlled and conscious way is a skill every leader must have. Attendees will learn to push beyond the natural resistance achieving higher results. 


Easing into change.

Understanding your mind and body matters.

When you feel threatened, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which rouse the body for emergency action. Your heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breath quickens and your senses become sharper. Understanding your body, your mind, and your environment is an essential part of improving your capabilities. 


William and The Rebellion team will lead a conversation about how to use this understanding to break the stranglehold that stress can have over your body and nervous system. 

Pool William 1.webp

What a pool immersion entails.

A deeply emotional experience. 

Breathholds underwater can sound scary, intimidating, and almost impossible for some. The reality is that they are one of the safest and most emotional challenges a human being can go through. Now, if this experience is led by the "deepest human alive", it becomes a truly transformational event. 

William Trubridge, alongside The Rebellion team, guides attendees in a unique activity that only a few get to share. Ideal for 8 - 20 attendees. 

Have questions about this session? We are here to help!

IMG_1324 2.jpg

The innate power of climbing.

Facing the edge and staying calm. 

Climbing has the ability to bring some of our raw emotions and feelings into an unknown environment. Unique fears and irrational limitations suddenly arise in almost everyone. No matter the level or experience in climbing, this session is designed in conjunction with William's Mental Immune System and The Rebellion's Impact Framework, which pushes all to learn control and stability 

Our climbing session opens possibilities for all attendees and taps into areas we barely reach, where true growth occurs. 

Meet your Facilitators


"Our potential is almost always far beyond what we believe, and unleashing it is a magnum opus, and one of life’s greatest rewards. My passion is now to share with other individuals and entities the tools that have served me so well in this process."

William Trubridge, 18x World Record Free diver

World's deepest human and founding member of The Rebellion. 

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Will Deans Blue hole.webp
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"We believe is important for groups to learn from each other, grow with one another, and challenge themselves in an environment that demands you to be fully present. We hope this collaboration brings a new way to unleash the potential entrepreneurs have" 

Jordi Mullor, CEO & Co-Founder of The Rebellion Experiences

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Siri 7.jpeg

To be able to change business and systems, I believe we need to start with ourselves. I see the need of connecting people to their own body, to their surroundings, to their community and with nature to be able to - not only perform in life and business - but to create a new restorative and regenerative world.

Siri Ostvold, Ocean lover & Co-Founder of The Rebellion Experiences

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What attendees have to say

"Thanks to this experience I saw what happened when I eliminated fear. I plan on applying this to other parts of my life. My big "ah-ha" moment of this entire experience was realizing that all of human progress comes from the elimination of fear. No matter if it is crossing the seas to find the new world, flying an airplane, launching to the moon (and Mars!), starting a business or just having the courage to ask someone for a date, all progress starts with the conquest of fear.
What a tremendous lesson."

David Ewing - Entrepreneur's Organization Chapter President

A few memories

Let's Collaborate!

Feeling this might be just what your chapter needs? Schedule a chat with us! No strings attached. Fifteen minutes might start the creation of one of the most memorable events you have help designed!

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